Couture Dogs Of New York by Paul Nathan

Couture Dogs Of New York by Paul Nathan and Nadine Rubin Nathan of Pelluceo

Couture Dogs Of New York by Paul Nathan and Nadine Rubin Nathan of Pelluceo

Couture Dogs Of New York


Ten years ago, to see a dog wearing a coat or sweater would draw much attention, laughs and criticism. To see a dog on a cold day in a city like New York today without a coat or sweater would bring up the question as to why that dog is naked. Yes to see dogs wearing clothes and even accessories like hats, boots and sunglasses is quite the norm these days. Still many people ask why dress a dog?


With the world famous Westminster Dog Competitions arriving in New York City early this coming February there is much buzz about a publication being debuted that very week which is sure to tickle the fancy of any dog lover. There is much buzz throughout the New York dog community in anticipation of the release of “Couture Dogs Of New York” by photographer Paul Nathan and his wife Nadine Rubin Nathan. As the title suggests, some of the most recognized fashionista dogs of New York, many of whom can be recognized for appearances on television, print work and even for gracing the runways of New York Fashion Week, are captured with and/or without their loving owners mostly striking poses while wearing couture creations by some of the top pet designers in the industry. There are insightful interviews with both owners and designers which makes for fun reading.


Photographer Paul Nathan has documented New York’s best-dressed dogs, their owners, and the couturiers who design their made-to-order outfits. While socializing with the four-legged, Nathan attended ‘pawties’, ‘puptials,’ and ‘barkmitzvahs’. He photographed married dogs who get around in yellow cabs wearing matching outfits and visited the homes of doggie moms and dads with walk-in closets for their ‘fur children’ filled with enough designer outfits to rival any New York fashionista. And finally he chose fifteen of the most fashionable dogs to invite to his studio along with their favorite couture outfits to pose for this book. The result is a giddily glamorous romp through New York’s ‘Doggie World’ where the city’s most fashionable mutts get dressed to the nines even for a walk around the block.


Paul Nathan and Nadine Rubin Nathan of Pelluceo

Paul Nathan and Nadine Rubin Nathan of Pelluceo


Paul Nathan was born in Auckland New Zealand. He has a degree in Art History and Art Theory from the University of Canterbury and has studied at the International Center for Photography (ICP) in New York. His editorial work has been published in books, magazines, and newspapers around the world. He has also published the book Generation Ink: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Nadine Rubin Nathan began her career as editor-in-chief of Elle South Africa. After relocating to New York in 2004, she contributed to Harper’s Bazaar and was senior editor at Assouline Publishing. Her writing has also been published in the New York Times. She has an MA in arts and culture journalism from Columbia University. Paul and Nadine currently live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with their daughter Alexa Phoebe Nathan.


We had the opportunity to have met with photographer Paul Nathan and his wife Nadine and got a fascinating preview of Couture Dogs Of New York.


From the very first look at the cover featuring two adorable Chihuahua pups donning magnificent couture creations complete with fancy chapeaus you can’t help but smile. Those two pups are featured throughout the publication as is the designer of their outfits who happens to be their owner, world famous pet couturier Anthony Rubio. The pups are Bogie and Kimba who we learned are twin brothers who have in the first year of their lives appeared on television, magazines news papers, and were among the dogs to grace the runways in the first ever dog fashion presentation in the history of New York Fashion Week. Their owner, designer Anthony Rubio has been photographed with them and gives an interview sharing his view and insight to the world of couture for dogs. This is just the tip of the proverbial ice burg, other designers and their clients strike poses and strut their couture sharing with the reader a trend which is sure to spring up world wide.


In the next issue of The Scene New York we will feature a personal one on one interview with top world renowned Pet Courier and visionary Anthony Rubio who will share more about Couture Dogs of New York as well as his experiences and predictions about the industry. Mr. Rubio will bring along his cover model/celebrity pups Bogie and Kimba to give us a peak at his latest creations.


Anthony Rubo Couture Dogs Of New York Book by Paul Nathan

Anthony Rubo Couture Dogs Of New York Book by Paul Nathan


  1. Anna

    Absolutely wonderful, I am sure it will be a book everyone who loves dogs will want to have on their table to browse.

  2. Roxana Sin

    As a proud mother of a 6yrs old pekenese I can’t wait to get the book, I pre-ordered it on Amazon and hope to get it signed when I return to NYC in March. The cover is sensational. Bogie and Kimba are adorable. Thank you so much for writing this book!

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